Quality is based
on knowledge


We are always working on deepening and expanding our window competences. Regardless of whether it’s about window design, burglary protection or window tenders. Each topic in itself means a demanding special field in window planning. And harmonising all aspects and their interaction in the complex window planning process requires sound know-how. In order to further develop the window industry and raise awareness among planners, we are happy to pass on our knowledge.

Individually tailored to your needs, we pass on knowledge about everything relating to windows

  • Training for window manufacturers
  • Training for planners
  • Contributions to conferences and meetings
  • Training on interdisciplinary topics
  • Topics:
    • Sealing connections to windows and doors
    • Window installation
    • Avoiding glass damage
    • Dimensioning and sizing for windows
    • Building physics in window construction
    • Sound insulation with windows
    • Getting an overview in the diversity of standards
    • Rights and obligations of the contracting parties
    • And much more

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