Trust that
gives security

Specialist construction management

Only the careful, precise installation of the windows guarantees their full functionality. As window experts, we can take over the specialist construction management on request. In precise this means: We coordinate, optimise, supervise and monitor the window installation in the ongoing construction project. Our aim is to ensure the quality of the installation. Your benefit is the security and confidence that everything works perfectly.

Within the framework of specialist construction management we take over:

  • Guidance of mock-up creations
  • Technical support of the construction management at the kick-off meeting of the window installation
  • Initial instruction of the fitters and supervision of the initial installation of each window type
  • Quality assurance and documentation of window installation by means of ongoing checks
  • Technical supervision and support of site management and contractors on the construction site
  • Monitoring of costs and deadlines during the construction phase
  • Carrying out trade inspections in accordance with SIA118 on behalf of the construction management

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