Neutral window
consulting – since 2004

Neutral, competent, efficient – trust our window expertise!

Since Josef Knill founded fensterinform gmbh in 2004, the specialist office has not only grown steadily in terms of personnel. Likewise, the company has continuously developed in the area of its competences. In the meantime, we have become THE competent contact for building owners, planners and contractors, especially for interface issues with third-party trades.

That’s what makes fensterinform stand out:

  • Due to our expert activities, we are accustomed to acting and working in a fundamentally neutral manner.
  • We are not only committed to always knowing the full breadth and depth of the current state of the art in the area of windows and their interfaces to third-party trades. We are also in constant exchange with universities, institutes and innovative companies to sense where technical developments can lead.
  • We actively contribute our broad and deep expertise to standardisation. In this way, we are able to contribute to the further shaping of the constructional development in various commissions, associations and support groups.
  • However, we are not only committed to building up specialist know-how. It is a particular concern of ours to also offer a high degree of efficiency in our internal and external project processes. In this way, we are always working to develop further in process and quality management.
  • As our entire technical staff has a technical background, we feel deeply connected to the window industry. That is why we always strive to contribute to the further development of the industry by means of targeted training and further education events.
  • In order to promote awareness of the most complex component of the building envelope among building owners and planners, we continuously hold corresponding lectures, seminars and workshops with interested contractors and groups of people.

Attention to other details

We also like to think outside the box. And thus, we are happy to support topics in sport and culture that interest us with sponsorship.