Cause identification from
a neutral perspective

Expert opinions and assessments

A neutral expert opinion creates clarity and eliminates conflicts. As independent experts for windows and their building connections, we investigate the facts and prepare expert assessments. Always according to the principle: We are looking for solutions, not problems.

Procedure expert assessment

Our services as neutral experts

  • Expert, party and court assessments
  • On-site inspection and recommended course of action
  • Professional mediation between the parties
  • Collaboration in interdisciplinary teams of experts to handle large claims
  • The spectrum of our analyses ranges from the assessment of individual components and their functions, to glass breakage investigations, to complex overall and environmental analyses of buildings and superstructures in order to uncover causes of damage and deviations from standards.
  • Assessment and plausibility check of submitted cost estimates for renovations
  • Determining the technical responsibilities on the basis of the expert assessments prepared
  • Development of cost-sharing proposals based on expert assessments and technical responsibilities

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