Knowing what


You can count on our in-depth expertise when it comes to questions about windows and their components. We maintain an overview even in complex situations and understand the interrelationships and interactions. Because: We have gained our many years of experience from well-founded training and further education and a wide variety of window projects. And because we also help shape the development of windows, we are always at the cutting edge of technology.

We advise you

  • When choosing window materials and functions in the context of the utilisation concept
  • The conflicting priorities of monument preservation – energy – sound insulation – statics
  • When determining the feasibility with regard to dimensioning and location of the component window
  • In the solution of structural-physical and acoustic challenges around the building component window
  • In the area of maintenance and upkeep of your existing or planned windows
  • On the subject of occupational and user safety with windows
  • In the development of solutions for obstacle-free and barrier-free design of the windows

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